Communicate and interact with your clients, bureaus, technicians & patrol officers utilising the latest technologies.

Phoenix-4 Desktop software for Central Monitoring Station.


Phoenix-4 Alarm Monitoring Software is a flexible and reliable solution with an intuitive and consistent interface.

The system is ideal for situations involving flexibility and heavy workloads.

Main Features:

  • Network processing of incoming events
  • Each event is displayed immediately at all operators’ locations
  • Automated warm backups of your database
  • Integration with Asterisk PBX software
  • support for third-party panels and receivers
  • Convenient and easy search in the database


Phoenix-GPS is designed to track the location and condition of patrol team vehicles which have Alet-9 s installed, as well as to display clients vehicles and protected premice at the moment when an alarm has occurred.

Phoenix-GPS works as part of the Phoenix-4 CMS as is its extension module. And can be installed on a separate workstation.

Phoenix-GPS supports almost all popular cartographic internet resources:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Satellite
  • Google Hybrid
  • Google-terrain
  • OpenStreetMap
  • Yandex-maps
  • Yandex-satellite
  • Yandex-hybrid

Also, software Phoenix-GPS supports offline maps in OZI format.




Phoenix-WEB is a self-monitoring service, which is designed for standalone monitoring of the alarm panels.

lun.ortus.io allows users can view events, change basic settings and receive all important events in their mobile application.




Mobile Aplications


This application is addressed to both private customers of security companies and corporate clients with hundreds of objects under protection. the application provides additional features for managing the protected object.

Main Features:

  • View object status
  • View events received from the objects
  • Management of on-site devices
  • Online event notification
  • Alarm button


Mobile Panic Button

The application can be used as a personal tracker with access to the http://gpspla.net website, or as a means of personal protection together with the central monitoring station Phoenix­4. A joint operation is also possible.

Main Features:

  •  Keeps you safe
  •  Easy to use
  •  Instant and accurate coordinate transmission



The application is designed to help response groups react to alarms and dispatches. It allows to plan an efficient route, coordinate intercepts and plan multi-group dispatches.

Main Features:

  • Instant alarm reception from the operator with object coordinates
  • Operative access to necessary information on the object
  • A display on one screen of an alarm object and its own location
  • Ability to use offline and online maps
  • Remote update of the current information on the object


We understand that monitoring centers need to safeguard their key business data and to protect your clients - communication between Ortus products takes place via encrypted TCP/IP transmission, using the AES128 algorithm.



Phoenix-4 IP Camera Module will allow display RTSP camera live feed within Phoenix-4 interface. Many cameras support RTSP so there a huge range of different brands and camera systems which you can use along with Phoenix-4.



Event viewer is an additional module that can be built it into security company website. And it will allow your clients to view print and export events which are occurred at their premises.


Requirements for online event viewer module:

  • OS Linux  
  • PHP Version 5.6.29  
  • Apache 2.4.10



Phoenix-4 supports third-party panels and receivers:

  • SurGard
  • SIA
  • Contact
  • Virial-RFM
  • Lars
  • SilentKnight
  • Inova

And many others working on ContactID protocol